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Tree Service Ann Arbor, MI

Tree Service Ann Arbor, MI – Professional Landscape Services 734-449-7322 is a full service tree maintenance provider. From tree installation, fertilization and care, trimming and tree pruning, treating disease, tree removal and recycling… We have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

Avoid expensive tree treatments and insure beautiful long living arbors by following the protocol below for your newly planted tree. Information for Tree Removal Ann Arbor can be found by clicking the link.

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How to care for your newly planted tree’s

The Tree Service Ann Arbor, MI recommendations listed below should be followed if you are living in this region. In other parts of the country, recommendations can vary on how to properly care for your trees.

Water. Your new tree needs approximately 20 gallons of water a week. Check the soil moisture a few inches below the surface in the root ball once a week to insure the soil is moist.

Mulch. The mulch layer should be 3 to 4 inches above the ground and around the trunk of the tree but not touching the bark. Be sure the mulch covers the ground around the tree in an area 3 times wider than the trunk. Natural mulch is recommended

Prune only if necessary. Contact the experts at Professional Landscape services if in doubt.

Stake only if necessary. If your tree was staked, follow the recommendations of your service person before removing or if there is an issue.

Check for any damage that may have occurred due to lawn maintenance, animals, etc.

Check for insect infestation or disease. Also inspect nearby trees as these things can migrate. Contact Us if a problem is noted or persists.

Do not fertilize, it can burn out the root ball.

Remove metal tags, twine and other choking objects from the tree to prevent girdling. This is one of the major mistakes that ruins Tree Service Ann Arbor.


 How Long For My Trees To Establish In The Midwest?


It takes roughly three years for a transplanted tree to establish itself in its new location. Maintaining a healthy tree requires maintenance well beyond planting. The tree should have a well maintained environment and “trained” to achieve a nice form. To obtain good form, you must first of all pick quality stock but proper pruning will also be required after 3 years.

Contact Professional Landscape Services, Tree Service Ann Arbor for assistance. Mulch, water, remove insects and treat disease problems to keep a healthy tree. Also protect your new tree from animal damage and lawn care damage.

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  1. thought I needed tree service says:

    Thanks for the info here. I was all set to have pruning done on my trees that were planted two years ago, but now realize that I don’t need it. Never the less I will contact you to have a look as I do have some concerns with my trees and may be in need of “something”. Thanks again for your tree service ann arbor post!

  2. Ivich Fraser says:

    Ball park figur … what would you chade for a 35 DBH oak in a front yard with a few tree around it? Thank you!

    • admin says:


      Your request got lost in our comments section rather than being emailed to us. Our apologies for the delay. If you give me a call at 734-449-7322 I can ask a few additional questions to give you a much more accurate estimate.


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